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Replenish, Restore, Renew

 At Renew IV Hydration and Wellness, promoting a healthy lifestyle is our goal. We provide IV vitamin therapy and holistic health services to support healthy living. IV vitamin therapy provides complete hydration and 100% absorption of the nutrients your body needs for optimal performance. Holistic health is an approach to life that focuses on several aspects of wellness. It encourages individuals to recognize the whole person; mentally, physically, and spiritually. A deficit in any of these areas can place the body in a state of illness and manifest in a number of symptoms. With cellular nutrition being at the heart of health and wellness, we offer nutritional coaching, vitamin and nutritional supplements, essential oils, and many other options to support your wellness goals. 

Healthy cells, healthy you, healthy life!

Appointments are required for all services. Please call for same-day availability.

Vitamin Therapy

 IV vitamin therapy allows the needed nutrients to be delivered directly into the bloodstream. This method bypasses the digestion system allowing for 100% absorption of the nutrients and hydration your body needs for optimal performance.

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Wellness Consultation

Looking for a more natural way to feel better and live healthy? Try a holistic approach to managing chronic condition and symptoms. Herbals, vitamins & minerals, food, sleep and many other therapies are used to manage stress, fatigue, gut issues, inflammation, and so much more.

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Just for Women 

Your hormones control just about every bodily function. Some of the key hormones are TSH, estrogen, and cortisol. When there is a hormone imbalance, your cells cannot perform properly which may experience a variety of symptoms. We help you discover the most effective balance  to help you overcome these imbalances.

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Hey there, I'm Shay!


I'm a registered nurse, educator, and nutrition & wellness coach. I have a passion for empowering and educating individuals on taking a proactive approach to healthy living. I believe in using a holistic approach to achieve balance mentally, physically, and spiritually. Where there is balance, there is wellness.

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Cellular wellness is the key to healthy aging and minimizing the risk of many illnesses that are more prone in the later years. This is why we focus on helping you achieve wellness at the cellular level. Our cells are responsible for everything that our body does. If they are not healthy, then our bodies are not healthy, which means they cannot keep up with our demands. With the Renew Membership, we help you build a strong cellular foundation to support optimal functioning in your everyday life!

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Replenish, Restore, Renew

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Do you have questions about your health and wellness? Can you benefit from the support of a nurse and a community of individuals just like you? Sign up for our membership to enjoy a partnership like no other. At Renew IV Hydration and Wellness, VIP means Very Important Partnership! Your membership gives you access to a dedicated nurse who will partner with you to help you understand your health concerns and guide you down the path to achieving your wellness goals. Our membership truly puts your health and wellness within your control!  

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Appointments are required for all services. Please call for same-day availability.

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